Thursday, July 19, 2012

Get a FREE estimate of Caloric Needs/BMR

BMR is the number of calories you would burn over 24 hours while
lying down but not sleeping.  The actual metabolic rate is estimated
by adding the caloric cost of all the activities in which you engage
through the day.

If you are interested in finding out your personal needs, leave me
a post and we can go from there.

This information is very important for those trying to loose weight
and might me in a plateau, or may not be eating enough to fuel yourself
through the days activities.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Love what makes you active and healthy

I have always loved being active. It started as a young girl and my dad loving basketball. Hence I loved it too. I wanted to be a Physical Ed teacher. Well life happened and things didn't work out to be a teacher. So I guess I did something close, became an aerobic instructor. Taught for 9+ years then moved to another state so could just take classes. Then tried a spinning class and in 3 weeks of taking them started to see a difference in my pants. They were getting loose! After 6 years of spinning bought a road bike and I was hooked. Now after riding for 6 years, doing 11, 100 miler rides, there is nothing like being outside riding. Gets rid of stress, burns tons of calories, develops awesome leg muscles. Found lots of friends to ride with. All which are 10-20 years younger than me. So the moral of the story is to stay active, eat healthy and it will help you stay young. I know because I am 60 and everyone thinks I am around 45. DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND IT ISN'T LIKE EXERCISE! IT JUST BECOMES FUN!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Change your life and get into shape by doing something you love. Doesn't matter what it is, as long as you are moving and eating less. Your intake can not be more than your output. 3500 Calories=one pound of fat. You have to eat at least 1000 calories just so your body can function. And if you are exercising you have to have extra water and calories to fuel your bodies energy needs.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Think before you eat !

You should plan out your meals with emphasis on what you will be doing in the next 3 hrs before each meal!! You should be eating 5 meals a day. If you are going to be less active only eat 400-500 calories in each meal. More active you need to bump up the calories to 600-700 calories. If the next meal comes before a workout then you need to consume 800 to 1200 calories. To insure enough energy for the training session. So the plan is to consume the most calories when the demand is the highest.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How much water do you need a Day?

Check the chart below for your fitness level:
First Step:
Need Factors
0.5= Sedentary, no sports or training or physical activities
0.6= Jogger or light fitness training
0.7= Sports participating ( moderate training 3 times a week)
0.8= Moderate daily weight training or aerobic training
0.9= Heavy weight training (daily)
1.0= Heavy weight training( daily) plus sports training, "2-a-day" training
Second Step:
multiply weight (in pounds)by the first step need factor to arrive at the recommended water intake in ounces per day.
your weight in pounds______ x ______(need factor)= ______ ounces per day
Recommendation is that you drink water eight to twelve times per day.
Ounces per day divided by 12 glasses =_____ ounces per glass
Feeling thirsty? You are already dehydrated!!

6 major Nutrients needed in the Body


Importance of Carbohydrates in your Diet

When carbohydrates are depleted in the body the rate at which fat is metabolized is reduced. Carbohydrates are ESSENTIAL in the ability to metabolize fat. 50% to 80% of your total calorie
intake should come from carbs.